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Join our conversation on the environmental, health, and noise impacts from gas-powered leaf blowers and landscaping equipment and help arrive at the right solution for Belmont

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Did you know…

Image of rake
  1. Many landscaping services offer “Rake Service” as a substitute for the noisy, smelly, toxic leaf blower service?  Give yours a call and ask them!
  2. We are assembling a list of landscaping services who offer alternatives to gas powered lawn equipment like Rake Service and/or electric leaf blowers.  
  3. If you are a landscaping service that offers quieter and cleaner alternatives to gas powered leaf blowers please let us know so we can add you to our list.
  4. While we assemble a list of landscaping services offering cleaner quieter options in Belmont, in the meantime you might try this quiet contractor list put together by the Town of Lincoln.

Leaf Blowers are toxic for (at least) three reasons:

  • They are loud, annoying, and can damage your hearing
  • They are highly polluting, smelly, and cause adverse health impacts
  • They are damaging to plants, insects, and animals


  • The worst impacts are visited upon the operators, especially when they are not using adequate protection
  • They are a “gateway” issue to learn more about healthy, organic, resilient lawns and landscaping services


  • There are equally effective, safer, and quieter battery powered alternatives
  • Oh and there is the even quieter and healthier rake!

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If you would like to help with this effort please sign up here or Email us at