Alternatives to SGARS

SGARS and other poisons aren’t the only solution to get rid of rodents nor are they the safest for the wildlife, better alternatives include:

  • Better waste management
  • Exclusion (sealing up all points of entry that mice or rats are using to get)
  • Contrapest (a birth control for rodents!)
  • Dry ice application in confirmed outdoor rat burrows
  • Deterrents
  • High capacity electronic traps, etc. 

Sometimes these methods take more effort than poison, or have higher upfront costs (yet others are completely free and actually really easy!), which is why they are not always as popular as rodenticides. 

However, if used consistently and often in combination with each other, they are usually much more effective than rodenticides (which again, actually often makes rat problems WORSE), especially if communities begin using them en masse. Additionally, these solutions can actually be cheaper in the long-run. 
Please visit this page on SAW’s website titled “Alternatives to Rodenticide”for more information.