Belmont Conservation Volunteers

Welcome to the Belmont community group protecting our local plant communities and restoring our natural spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Belmont Conservation Volunteers is coordinated by volunteers who met while controlling the spread of ecologically harmful non-native plants at Lone Tree Hill.  We wish now to continue that work and also encourage similar work elsewhere in Belmont. To this end we have obtained authorization to work not only at Lone Tree Hill but also in Belmont’s Town park lands and in Rock Meadow.

This is a great opportunity to:

  • Get outside for fresh air and light exercise
  • Meet your neighbors & make new friends
  • Restore your local public lands
  • Get to know your local plant communities
  • Share your knowledge with others

Everyone is welcome to join!

We hope you will join us in deepening and sharing our knowledge and experience of best practices and then using these, together, on our own, and in neighborhood groups, to protect our local plant communities. 

You can join our google group here to receive regular announcements of restoration events.