Clean Green Belmont

Who we are

Sources of micro plastics to the marine environment entering via riversDriven to action by an increase in litter on Belmont’s streets and in Belmont’s waterways, a group of residents have
formed Clean Green Belmont to tackle the problem (and take action to prevent it getting in there in the first place). As a partner of Sustainable Belmont, will be holding cleanup events, educational opportunities, and working with the town and local businesses to make Belmont a cleaner greener place. More information will be shared in the coming weeks.

How you can help

All residents of Belmont are invited to join CGB. See the Contacts section of our website to be added to our mailing list and to learn more about upcoming events and our monthly Trash Talk. We are in the process of organizing upcoming community events. But in the meantime, you can start now by picking up any litter you find as you walk around the neighborhood (see tips here). This is an easy way to help, as every little bit makes a difference! Be proud and let others know you did this on your social media account. Tag CGB at #cleangreenbelmont. Thank You!


Stay tuned for our next (and future) community event.

Park Ambassadors

We are seeking Park ambassadors to be the eyes and ears of our community parks. Ambassadors will work in pairs to check in on their park and seek appropriate action in the event that the park needs help. For example, if there is a situation that needs a clean up, you will be connected to a community of likeminded neighbors who can assist in putting it right. In addition, DPW is ready to assist in taking away any collected trash or remedy other issues you may identify.

There are currently vacancies for the following Parks:

  • Underwood,
  • Burbank,
  • Chenery,
  • Cambridge Reservoir,
  • Joey’s Park

If you are interested in being a park ambassador, contact: