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Thank you Mark Robbins for your recent talk!

Talk: Belmont’s Renewable Energy Policy – An Analysis
Wednesday, April 29th at 7 PM
Belmont Public Library
Renewable energy policy in New England is confusing to say the least. RGGI, RPS/REC, and RTLMP don’t easily trip off the tongue. Mark Robbins will review how the different policies work and how Belmont can do more to support renewable energy. Along the way, attendees will find out the answer to the following riddles: Why is energy from a renewable resource not necessarily renewable energy? What is actually the largest cross-subsidy that arises from our current energy policy? And finally, mysteriously, why does 29=0 sometimes?

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Special thanks to Stacey Hammerlind for her perseverance in organizing this wonderful panel. And, to the panelists Judith Lorei, Heather Massey, Ruth Faas, and Raya Gildor for sharing their experience, and to the Belmont Health Collaborative.

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