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Energy Efficiency in Belmont’s Multi-family Homes

Belmont Renters, Landlords, Condo Owners: What can you do to save energy and money in your dwelling?

Many of Belmont’s multi-family buildings were built at a time when there was little awareness of energy efficiency, so they often lack basic energy saving methods that many newer homes incorporate today. Landlords can improve the value of their properties and reduce complaints (and potential expensive damage from frozen pipes & ice dams!) by making some simple changes that have little or no disruption to renters. Renters can take a few simple actions to reduce their utility bills as well. Condo owners can also take advantage of enhancing their property’s value by lowering operating costs.

Come learn about energy assessments (free!), heat pumps, solar panels and how simple changes like weatherization can make a difference. Representatives from Belmont Light, Sagewell and some renters and landlords will discuss how folks have saved money and lowered their carbon footprint!

When: March 7, 7:00pm
Where: Belmont Library Assembly Room


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  1. Naomi Dworkin

    Is there a way to see a copy of proposed legislation on having municipal light companies like Belmont electric buy more renewables? Thanks

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