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Our next meeting needs to be rescheduled due to Town Meetings, please complete this form if you would like to attend this last planning meeting before summer. Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you to our recent presenters, Anne Marie Lambert of the Belmont Citizens Forum and Idith Haber of the Coalition to Preserve the Belmont Uplands for their illuminating presentation on the Belmont Uplands: its history, significance and current efforts. Read about future events and review presentation materials via our latest newsletter.

Previous Event Follow-up

Recycling Q&A with  Mary Beth Calnan, Belmont Recycling Coordinator and members of Wellington’s PTO (GREEN TEAM)
Recycling Re-Cap – Part 1: How does Belmont measure up?
Recycling Re-Cap – Part 2: Plastic, Lots o’ Plastic
Recycling Re-Cap – Part 3: Bits & Bobs & Food Waste

Ongoing Initiatives

belmont light substation renderingWill we miss another solar opportunity? Tell Belmont Light to put solar panels on the substation, before it’s too late.

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