Greening Initiatives in the Belmont Public Schools and Lessons from a Neighboring Community: A Panel Discussion

Pubic Meeting
Oct. 4, 7:00 PM
Belmont Town Hall, Selectmen’s Room

Join members of the Belmont PTA/PTO Green Alliance as we share best practices and areas for expansion in recycling and sustainability within the Belmont Public Schools at the next Sustainable Belmont meeting. Learn about what we are currently doing; some new initiatives underway; and what our neighbor, Arlington, is doing in their schools. After the panel presentations, there will be plenty of time for questions and answers. Join us in this conversation and ongoing work and share your ideas on ways to make our schools more sustainable.

Update on trash:

Unfortunately, recently the Board of Selectmen surprisingly voted 2-1 to choose just one option to go out to bid for our Belmont’s next trash contract–the automated 64 gal barrel. The Board voted unanimously to place limits on bulky items like sofas and mattresses (one per week, scheduled.) They said they may consider PAYT at a later date.

The 64 gal. barrel may be the worst option for the environment and financially for the Town. What’s surprising is that they chose an option without comparing costs to other choices.

If you’re concerned as many are about the financial health of Belmont, given that the Warrant Committee projected a $4 million deficit in less than two years, this is very troubling. Without comparison options in the RFP, there is no good way to know the financial implications of any option.

Our elected officials are supposed to hold our town accountable for its decisions. It appears they have not done so in this case. If you agree, you may want to send a note to our Selectmen, or to the Belmontonian or Citizen Herald encouraging them to do what Town Meeting in May asked: “to consider all options, including PAYT” in the RFP.  It is financially prudent to make a selection after reviewing the bids received for each of the four options (Status Quo, 64 gal. automated, 35 gal. automated, and PAYT) recommended by the Solid Waste and Recycling Advisory Group.

To learn more about the options Belmont is might consider, read Belmont Citizen’s Forum article:

and: Save Money and Reduce Trash Campaign.

More information on how PAYT works, see presentation by Carolyn Dann from Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection: PAYT_Belmont 04-05-17

See the April SB presentation at Belmont Media: http://www.belmontmedia.org/watch/sustainable-belmont-040517

 Get involved; stay informed:



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