Small Window of Opportunity to Make a HUUGE Environmental Impact in Belmont

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Incinerator similar to where Belmont’s trash is sent.

There are few local decisions that could match the environmental impact of metering trash using Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT). Belmont’s waste contract will go out to bid later this year, making this an important moment in moving forward with our Climate Action Plan. Conservative estimates show Belmont could reduce its trash by 25%, with the equivalent CO2* reduction of nearly 4000 metric tons yearly–the same as reducing the town’s home energy use by 4%! PAYT improves efficiency, saving the town 25% on its disposal and incineration costs. It also provides a fair approach so that those who recycle don’t subsidize those who don’t.

Carolyn Dann, from Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection and Steve Lisaukas, from Waste Zero, a consulting firm specializing in municipal waste solutions will presented the challenges and opportunities for communities to transition to Pay-As-You Throw at the April 5 meeting. In addition, Priya Narasimhan from Belmont’s PTA-PTO Green Alliance had a short presentation on a waste audit conducted at Wellington Elementary and potential next steps for reducing waste in our schools. Get their presentations here: CafeteriaAudit  PAYT_Belmont 04-05-17  PAYT Operational Dynamics

See the presentation at Belmont Media: http://www.belmontmedia.org/watch/public-access-tv/public-access-variety

Belmont Drives Electric!


This new community-run program, sponsored by Sustainable Belmont, Belmont Energy Committee, Belmont Light and Belmont residents, promotes the use of electric vehicles(EV) in Belmont. Based on the highly successful Belmont Goes Solar model, the program includes pre-negotiated deals with local car dealers, Belmont Light monetary incentives, and community volunteers available to answer your questions. Since October 2016, BDE has had the highest uptake rate in the state.

Converting from a gas-combustion powered car to an electric vehicle could cut your transportation carbon footprint by half.  Save money and help reduce Belmont’s carbon footprint.

Belmont Drives Electric has worked with Belmont Light and the town to install public charging stations and get EVs for the town fleet. They will be arriving in the next few months.

The EV Ride & Drive Event on March 11th at the Belmont High School was a great success.  It marked the debut of the long-awaited, 238 mile range Chevrolet Bolt, winner of 2017 “car of the year” awards from Motor Trend, MotorWeek, and the Green Car Journal. Call an EV coach below to arrange a free door-to-door test drive of it or any other EV.

The next Info Session and Ride & Drive Event is likely to be at Town Day, 5/20/17, 9am-11am in the Claflin lot.  Featuring the Chevy Bolt among may other EVs.  There will be free refreshments and a $1000 giveaway.  Stay tuned for details.

More info:  www.BelmontDrivesElectric.org
Talk to a volunteer EV coach 617-855-5405
or email: BelmontDrivesElectric@gmail.com

 Get involved; stay informed:



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