What is the future of Solar for Belmont?

The Municipal Light Advisory Board held meeting on Thursday, June 19th during which Phase 2 of the solar tariff was the main discussion. With only a few days notice, about 40 concerned citizens & solar supporters attended to ask questions and advocate for a viable solar option for residential homes.

Read the proposed changes or take the survey, “Renewable Energy?!”

Sustainable Belmont members investigated the prospects of a Solarize campaign this past fall.  They met with Belmont Light to create reasonable proposals for solar homes to incentivize and fairly compensate use of the grid, but were not able to resolve a solution to proceed with a potential Solarize Belmont initiative. The current proposal Belmont Light Department seeks with Phase 2, does not make solar viable for residential users.

Read: “Belmont’s existing and proposed distributed renewable energy policies: A primer”

Action Item

Take the survey for renewable energy.

Write to Belmont Light about your views on being a solar-friendly town or not: lightboard@belmontlight.com by 4pm on August 15th with “net metering policy” in the subject line. Selectman Andy Rojas is liaison to the Light Board.

Save the Date – September 7th:
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Ongoing Initiatives

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