Green Burial Panel

Wed., April 22nd at 6 PM
Belmont Media Center
This event is free and open to the public.

We are pleased to share this upcoming event, as it has long been requested by interested residents.

The Belmont Health Collaborative will host a panel discussion of 4 professionals in the field of green burials:Judith Lorei, a natural burial advocate and co-chair of the Green Burial Committee in western MAHeather Massey, a Home Funeral Guild, educator and board member of the National Home Funeral AllianceRuth Faas, who offers biodegradable caskets and support at Mourning Dove Studio; and Raya Gildor, who heads the eastern Mass chapter of the Funeral Consumers Alliance (617-859-7990). The Funeral Consumers Alliance (FCA) is a national nonprofit organization that protects consumers’ rights to choose meaningful, dignified, affordable funerals.

Next Sustainable Belmont Meeting

Talk: Belmont’s Renewable Energy Policy – An Analysis

Wednesday, April 29th at 7 PM
Belmont Public Library

Mark Robbins examines Belmont’s current policies on renewable energy and compares how Belmont lags far behind the rest of Massachusetts in its support of renewable energy.  He’ll review the various ways our policies could be changed to really make a difference in terms of climate change action.  Along the way, attendees will find out the answer to the following riddles:  Why is energy from a renewable resource not necessarily renewable energy?  What is actually the largest cross-subsidy that arises from our current energy policy?  And finally, mysteriously, why does 29=0 sometimes?


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