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Our Mission

Save Belmont Wildlife works with residents, businesses, town leaders and institutions to educate about the harmful effects of SGAR’s (Second-Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticide) which are killing wildlife including owls, hawks, eagles, foxes, and coyotes and threaten to poison pets and children in our community.  We aim to facilitate a transition to safer and more effective alternative rodent-control methods which won’t harm the natural predators that control the population.

Our Vision

A poison-free Belmont complementing the natural rodent control provided by local owls, hawks and eagles that is safe for wildlife, pets, and children.

Visit this page to see what you can do for our wildlife.


Rat Poison is Wildlife Poison: Rodenticides (particularly second generation anticoagulant rodenticides or SGARs) are indiscriminate, killing rats and mice, but also killing the owls, hawks and eagles that naturally reduce rodent populations in Belmont and surrounding towns.

Alternatives to rodenticide poison baits exist that do not kill our birds of prey yet bait boxes containing SGARs are all over Belmont, including town owned land. Rodenticide poisons are also a danger to children, yet SGAR containing bait boxes surround our schools. For more information on alternatives, visit this page.

The Save Belmont Wildlife working group seeks to

  1. Educate town residents, businesses and town administration about rodenticide poisons
  2. Promote a swift transition to safer and more effective alternatives for rodent control that work WITH natural rodent control provided by owls, hawks and eagles and not against
  3. Support Massachusetts legislation controlling the use of SGARs (see below)
  4. Investigate the need/possibility of a bylaw that eliminates indiscriminate SGAR poisons and encourages effective alternatives in Belmont

We invite you to view a recording of our kickoff meeting April 13 th 2023 (thanks to Jeff North for leading the discussion here).

Save Belmont Wildlife working group

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Pending Legislation that needs your support (as of April 2023):

  1. S. 487/H. 825: An Act relative to pesticides
  2. S.540/H.814: An Act empowering towns and cities to protect residents and the
    environment from harmful pesticides