Rain Barrel Purchasing Program

Residents of Belmont know that throughout town there are extensive flooding issues. Collecting rainwater is an easy way for individuals to reduce runoff. In watershed areas, runoff from homes and developments can harm existing water sources because overtaxed storm sewers discharge polluted runoff. Over time this takes a toll on the fragile aquatic ecosystem that the area is dependent on.

Water shortage is also a growing global concern.  In New England residential water usage can increase as much as 60% during the spring, summer and fall seasons from outdoor watering needs such as watering gardens, lawns, filling pools and, washing cars. Barrels can offset that usage; saving homeowner’s money and helping the community manage water supplies.

Sustainable Belmont estimates at the 2012 water rate that your rain barrel will pay for itself in water savings in just six short years, and we are already seeing water costs increase. So, it saves money, reduces flooding and is easy to use. Plus your plants and flowers prefer unchlorinated rainwater. So it’s a win-win for you and your flowers!

Through this program sponsored by Sustainable Belmont in partnership with the Great American Rain Barrel Co. and with support from the Town has yielded installations in 231 homes in Belmont. If each barrel fills in a storm, that is 8,520 gallons diverted, to then be slowly released during a drier period.

For 2014:

  • 1 discounted painted barrel is $65  (Savings of $54)
  • Colors: Earth Brown, Forest Green or Nantucket Gray
  • 1 non-painted barrel is $60

About the Barrels
Each UV protected, polyethylene, 60-gallon Great American Rain Barrel is fully re-purposed (39″ tall x 24″ wide), comes with a hard top, wide mouth, removable lid, a screen, a plastic spigot threaded for hose connection, two 3/4″ overflow fittings and a choice between two ports to place your spigot.

Representatives from Sustainable Belmont will be at Town Day, and the Farmer’s Market opening day, to show the barrels and answer questions about how they work. In the spring, you will be able to order your rain barrel online at www.greatamericanrainbarrel.com (Click on “Community Programs”, Then “Massachusetts”; then click on “Belmont”) of call 1-88-251-2352.

For questions about the program or purchase in the spring, please contact volunteer coordinator, Amanda Mujica at amanda [at] amandamujicadesign.com

Thank you volunteers!

Thank you to Amanda Mujica, the Department of Public Works – Peter Castanino, Mary Beth Calnan, and Michael Santoro, our volunteers, and you for making the rain barrel program possible! When it rains it pours…in a good way! Sustainable Belmont in collaboration with the Town of Belmont and Great American Rain Barrel sold 89 rain barrels for 2014!

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