Rain Barrel Purchasing Program 2023

(Order your Rain Barrel by May 1st, 2023 for Pick up Saturday May 13th 9:00 to 11:30 am)

Residents of Belmont know that throughout our town and our neighboring towns downstream we have flooding issues. Collecting rainwater is an easy way for individuals to reduce runoff. In watershed areas, runoff from homes and developments can harm existing water sources because overtaxed storm sewers discharge polluted runoff. Over time this takes a toll on the fragile aquatic ecosystem that the area is dependent on.

Thinking about installing a Rain Barrel beside your home or garage?

Then take this opportunity to participate in the Great American Rain Barrel Program

Benefits to you and the environment

  • Reduce stormwater runoff (more info here)
  • Reducing water draining around your home’s foundation/basement
  • Water conservation/lower municipal water demands
  • Saves money on your water bill while nourishing your plants
  • Rain barrels through this program are discounted
Example of a Great American Rain Barrel Installation in Belmont

This opportunity for Belmont residents is made possible through a collaboration with our our very own Belmont DPW and the Great American Rain Barrel.  Thank you!

I’m interested!  What do I have to do?

  • Act now – your barrel(s) (and downspout diverters) must be ordered by May 1st
  • Barrels are offered at the discounted price of $89 ($84 for an unpainted one)
  • Visit: www.greatamericanrainbarrel.com/community/  and select “Belmont” and “MA”
  • Barrels will be available for pick up on May 13th 9:00-11:30 p.m. at the DPW Yard 37 C St in Belmont
  • Mark your calendar for May 13th 9:00-11:30 a.m. as it is essential you pick up your rain barrel since due to space constraints, we cannot be responsible for barrels not picked up during this time.
  • For questions, please contact Dean Hickman at sustainablebelmont@gmail.com

About the Great American Rain Barrel

The Great American Rain Barrel is a local food importing company that has been repurposing shipping drums into Rain Barrels since 1988.  The Great American Rain Barrel Co. has been an approved vendor by the MASS DEP since 2010.  Supporting the repurposing of these barrels is superior to recycling, saving resources that might otherwise be used to recycle plastic and/or manufacture a new barrel from newly manufactured plastic.

Water Quality

Rain water is “soft,” or free from minerals and chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride, and calcium that are often present in municipal water. Rain water is considered ideal for watering plants or washing cars and windows.  (credit: mass.gov)

We all live in a watershed and the Mystic & Charles River Watersheds are home to Belmont, and neighboring Arlington, Cambridge, and Watertown.