There are Two Meetings in the works… (dates to be announced) + Rain Barrels, Foodwaste Education, and Planning Board Meeting Feb 28th

Sustainable Belmont is planning to host a conversation about Artificial turf to help inform future decisions regarding the towns playing fields (April/May)

Sustainable Middlesex will host its annual Climate Countdown 2023 – more info to come soon! (May)

The Belmont Planning Board will invite public comments Tuesday Feb 28th on the controversial Belmont Hill School 150 place Parking Lot and Facilities Building with fuel tank – see below for more info or click here to add to calendar.

In the meantime – Got a few minutes to spare? Here are three things you can do to make a difference:

  1. Order up your Rain barrel at a discounted price – collect rain water, reduce strain on storm water systems, save money on watering your yard – more info at
  2. If you haven’t already, please consider signing the petition to let the Massachusetts Department of Education know you want food waste reduction taught in schools all across the commonwealth. More info here
  3. Join the Planning board meeting Feb 28th and let them not what you think of the Belmont Hill School Parking lot, Facilities, and Diesel Tank proposal – this may be your last opportunity to ask a question about the plan! With your help this may lead to a better plan for the school, the neighbors, and Belmont in general (link to agenda and zoom) – public comments Tuesday Feb 28th at 7 pm.
Order your Rain Barrel by May 1st for pick up May 13th