Monthly Meeting 01/06/22 @7pm: Biodiversity and its Relationship to Climate Change.

Join us for our first meeting of the year!  Thursday Jan 6th @ 7 pm Amy Meltzer presenting on Biodiversity and it’s relationship to Climate Change, followed by a Q&A.

We can seek some comfort in the knowledge that Climate Change and Decarbonization are now consistent, prominent and critical parts of Global, State, and Town discussions and decisions.  However, Climate Change’s lesser known cousin Biodiversity has an important role to play in pollination, food production, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and increasing the resilience of our communities to extreme weather events.  This is even before considering the unpredictable consequences of mass extinction of species that is happening today as an unintended consequence of human activities.  Amy will educate us on the topic of biodiversity with a focus on Massachusetts, and offer us solutions and individual actions that can help us turn the tide on the loss of biodiversity in New England.

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Amy Meltzer is an advocate and promoter of the importance of native plant landscapes in addressing both our climate change and biodiversity crises.  Like us at Sustainable Belmont, Amy believes in the power of individual and community action finding solutions that benefit all.  Amy was volunteer of the year 2020 for for her work and volunteerism in this area. She is also a member of the Massachusetts Elders Climate Action research team.

Some useful info, links, and reads below, enjoy!

  • We are experimenting with Instagram for sharing Sustainable Belmont events as well as selected materials relevant to all in our community including climate, biodiversity, air, land, and water sustainability @sustainablebelmont
  • The climate victories of 2021 that put fossil fuels in check including larger organizations like Harvard, BU and others divesting of assets related to fossil fuels and more.
  • Climate Science Basics from
  • Healthy Lawns Belmont volunteers continue to meet to seek thoughtful solutions to guide Belmont towards available safer & quieter alternatives to gas powered leaf blowers and organic lawn care.  Sign up here if you would like to join and note Jan 25th 7pm on your calendar for a Town Forum on this topic.  More info to come when av ailable…

We hope you can join us in building a more sustainable Belmont.