Belmont Goes Solar Campaign is Kicking Off!

Can you volunteer?

Under the management of the town’s Energy Committee, and in collaboration with Sustainable Belmont, the Belmont Goes Solar campaign will be working with DirectEnergy, one of the premier solar vendors in Massachusetts, to encourage residents and businesses to go solar in 2016. The Energy Committee has selected DirectEnergy to work within Belmont. They will provide both discounted prices and help to residents in deciding whether solar provides financial benefits. The campaign will formally begin in January 2016, with sign-ups expected to continue through approximately April 30, 2016 (exact end date TBD based on interest in the Belmont community); in the meantime, planning is well underway, and Belmont needs your help!

If you are interested in supporting this effort, please send your contact information by writing to There will be volunteer opportunities of various types and involving various levels of time commitment. Please sign up!

The Energy Committee is also looking for a SOLAR COACH. That person will be a key player in helping to implement the program. The main responsibilities of the coach will be:

(1) To serve as an independent resource for Belmont citizens and business thinking of going solar, answering questions and serving as a general solar advocate;

(2) To work closely with the selected vendor to monitor progress and serve as an interface between the steering committee and the vendor;

(3) To engage with the Belmont Goes Solar steering committee about ongoing activities, and, as needed, coordinate with other volunteers who will be leading specific outreach efforts (e.g. public “meet your installer” events).

This role could require about 10 hoursof work a week during the campaign. The SOLAR COACH may be paid a small stipend.

If you might be interested in helping the campaign in this in this role, please contact by Wednesday December 16th.