Solar: Action & Resources

On June 19th, Belmont’s Municipal Light Advisory Board proposed a new net metering policy which will effectively kill future rooftop PV solar. In essence, the new structure would not reconcile any value the solar energy producer provides to the local community, rather it would create such a long payback period that only very wealthy persons who could afford to buy outright and take a loss on energy costs, would be able to afford solar panels.

Read the proposal in documentation provided on June 19th, 2014 by MLAB.

View a video recording of the public hearing.

They expect the proposal to be reviewed at a public meeting sometime around Labor Day. If you want to add your two cents about whether or not Belmont should be a solar-friendly town, before MLAB votes on the new policy, send comments to:
Subject Line: “Net Metering Policy”

Deadline: 4pm on Aug. 15th 

The Light Board will vote on MLAB’s recommendation in the fall 0f 2014.  Residents who have followed this issue closely are developing a consolidated comment letter in the coming days which, when complete, all residents will be invited to co-sign.  Stay tuned.