Green Communities: It’s Belmont’s Turn

Belmont could become a designated Green Community by fall of 2014 and receive at least $130,000 for energy reduction projects. With all the efforts that have gone in to meeting the criteria required of Green Communities (many!), it’s high time that Belmont was rewarded with the financial benefits of being a Green Community!

Neighboring towns of Watertown, Newton, Lexington, Arlington and Cambridge – all have achieved the designation. All have received awards for projects identified to significantly reduce municipal energy consumptions. Several have received competitive grants to further reduce energy consumptions ranging from $150,ooo to $250,000.

Evaluating and identifying energy usage is part of good government and sound budgeting. Belmont has the chance to receive this designation through the deliberate efforts of community volunteers and industry specialists from Sustainable Belmont and the Energy Committee and municipal employees, including Gerald Boyle and Ed Crisafi. Further, as a Green Community, we will benefit from continued support by the DOE to stay on the path of energy efficiency and renewables.

We are thrilled to receive the support of these hard-working individuals, who care about our impact on the environment, our bottom line and our children’s futures. We are grateful to the Board of Selectman for their support of this initiative and application process and look forward to continuing the dialogue.

Download the overview of the Green Communities Application submitted to the Board of Selectman in December of 2013.

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