Want more ‘Walk and Bike’ in your day?

The Community Path Advisory Committee has prepared recommendations for the town selectmen for a route through Belmont Center and Waverly Square. The next step is to have the selectmen approve funds for an initial engineering study that will provide detailed information as to the costs. It is estimated that most costs will be covered by federal, state and private funds.

Will Belmont support connections from Alewife to the Town Center? Will paths be connected across town? Do you want your child on Concord Avenue in the bike lane or on a pedestrian and bicycle path? Sign up for periodic announcements and agenda items from CPAC via their google group.

More ways to voice your support:

 Great turn out in support of Belmont CommUNITY Path

Addition reports and information on pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure available here.
Infrastructure Improvements and Lower Fatality Rates