FORUM: Stop Climate Change

Take actions that matter the most. Citizens are bombarded with advice on actions they should take to address the catastrophic impacts of global warming resulting in climate change.  Install this. Buy that. Do or don’t do something else. 

Attend this Belmont Energy Committee forum to learn what are the most important steps YOU and the Town can take to really make a difference in preventing global warming and climate change. Hear from experts about how the world of 2035 can and will differ from the world we know today. 


Aaron Jette: Chief, Program Development and Capacity Building, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center. Aaron specializes in tracking trends of how transportation contributes to climate change nationally and internationally and what changes can be expected in the coming years. 

Cammy Peterson: Director of Clean Energy, Metropolitan Area Planning Commission (MAPC). Cammy oversees MAPC’s clean energy work, including integrating clean energy practices into all aspects of MAPC’s planning work. She also spearheads solar, renewable thermal, climate, community energy resiliency, alternative fuel infrastructure, and energy efficiency program and policy development.

Belmont Energy Committee will explain Belmont’s Roadmap toward achieving Belmont’s goal of reducing carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. The presentation will include an explanation of current ongoing action steps, the long-term action plan, and the Climate Change Resolution to be presented to Town Annual Town Meeting in the spring of 2019.

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Community Room, Chenery Middle School, Belmont