What is Sustainable Belmont doing?

Since 2003 Sustainable Belmont has been working to make Belmont a more environmentally responsible community.  Please access the “About Us” tab for more background on the origin and evolution of our group.

Belmont may have a small town feel, but there’s a lot happening.  Sustainable Belmont advocates for a consistent reduction in carbon emissions via collaboration with successful programs such as Belmont Goes Solar and Belmont Drives Electric.  We work with the Energy Committee to highlight their roadmap to meeting the Town’s Climate Action Plan goals.  We lobby for safe cycling and pedestrian routes to improve quality of life, maintain good health thru fitness, and to reduce auto emissions.

Sustainable Belmont focuses on healthy homes and community by lobbying to eliminate plastic check out bags, promoting pesticide-free gardening and yard care, and educating the public about environmental toxins.  We promote maintenance of open space and care for urban shade trees.

We believe it’s crucial to teach Belmont’s children, through word and deed, the skills necessary to protect our environment.  We partner with the Belmont PTO/PTA Green Alliance to increase sustainable practices in the schools.  As Belmont considers construction of a new 7-12 grade school, Sustainable Belmont is advocating for a Zero Net Energy building because it’s not what we say that influences the next generation; it’s what we do.

Please join us for monthly meetings.  Sign up for our newsletter. Like us on facebook.  We can’t wait to meet you.


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