The Energy Stretch Code

Belmont adopted the Energy Stretch Code in the spring of 2011. Adopting the Energy Stretch Code enable Belmont to meet 1 of the 5 criteria for becoming a Green Community on December 3, 2014.

The Energy Stretch Code is enforceable by the Inspector of Buildings and applies to residential and commercial buildings (780 CMR 115.AA). Its purpose is to “provide a more energy efficient alternative to the base energy code applicable to the relevant sections of the building code for both new construction and existing buildings.” (General By-Laws of the Town of Belmont MA, 7/2011)


  • 2009, Sustainable Belmont recommends that the town adopt this code in its Climate Action Plan, the result of extensive research.
  • November 2010, 64 communities have adopted a building code that is more stringent in terms of energy efficiency than the state building code: the Energy Stretch Code.
  • April 25, 2011, the town Energy Committee seeks to pass this code by law at town meeting. The code is adopted into the town General By-Laws and approved Attorney General Martha Coakley on June 22, 2011.