Belmont faces a number of energy issues:

  • Belmont passed a Climate Action Plan that committed the town to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 – many recommendations have been achieved and many critical ones are still to come.
  • Many School and Town buildings waste energy and money by having outdated heating and lighting facilities.
  • Belmont Municipal Light Department rate payers  subsidize Town electrical use–reducing incentives the Town could realize from using energy efficiently and reducing costs to taxpayers.
  • Greater energy efficiency within the Town could dramatically reduce costs to both taxpayer and ratepayers.

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 What can you do?

  • Get a free energy audit either by calling BMLD or NStar.
  • Act on the suggestions of your audit – start with the quick paybacks.
  • Buy EnergyStar appliances and get a rebate from BMLD.
  • Join Sustainable Belmont in helping the town implement more energy efficient policies.

What is Sustainable Belmont doing?

  • Working with Belmont Light (Belmont’s Municipal Light Department) to institute greater energy efficiency measures throughout the town.
  • Working with the Town to join hundreds of other Green Communities throughout the Commonwealth to receive incentives for transitioning to higher energy efficiency and clean energy.

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