Waste & Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Before goods become waste, we pay a cost to materials, to production & to shipping. All the way consuming energy. We use them and then pay haul away remainders. Waste costs $$. Reducing what comes into the home or business is the first step to waste reduction. Reusing is the next step, extending the life of products and avoiding unnecessary re-production. Recycling is the last step to recover savings from the loop.

What is the challenge for Belmont?

  • Increasing the rate of recycling. Though incinerated trash and recycling have contract costs, only the incinerated trash has a hauling fee. Taxpayers save money when everyone recycles.
  • Recycling of waste in the municipal buildings needs improvement.
  • Businesses are not able to participate in the town recycling program.

What can you do?

What is Sustainable Belmont doing?

  • SB advocated for the hiring a Recycling Coordinator to help facilitate greater recycling of waste.
  • Putting recycling bins in all school cafeterias with good signage and training – we applaud the efforts of our town recycling coordinator.
  • Using “garden to plate” curriculum to help teach students about soils, plants, food and compost–the food cycle.