Meeting Feb 10th @7pm: Open Mic

BMHS Rooftop Solar is sadly still at risk and could Use Your Voice at the BMHS Building Committee. It will save tax payers dollars generating value (⇩ town operating expenses) from Day 1, contribute to town and state 2050 ZNE goals, & Mitigates the Climate Crisis. BHMS will be our towns largest municipal building and its purpose is to host the education of the next generations of Belmontonians who will endure the worst effects of climate changewe need to Lead by Example and follow through on the plan to make it Zero Net Energy (Friday Feb 11th Meeting Cancelled (no reason given) so please send the committee by email to show your support to

UPDATE! The Friday Feb 11th at 8 am The Belmont Middle and High School Building committee (BMHS BC) meeting is CANCELLED (no reason given). BMHS BC were to meet for a third time on the BMHS project cost projections.   Please send the committee by email to show your support to and voice your support for the financial and environmental benefits of following through with the rooftop solar and with it the promise of Zero Net Energy on Belmont largest municipal building that hosts the education of the next generation of Belmontonians who will see and suffer the worst effects of climate change.  Next Scheduled meeting is Wednesday Feb 16th. You can check the Belmont Town Calendar for updated information and Zoom info on the Next Meeting

Tonight is Open Mic – What’s Next for Sustainable Belmont?

Tonight 7 to 7:30 pm Feb 10th: Join us for a short and sweet open mic with friends and neighbors from Sustainable Belmont.  Discuss possible follow up on from the biodiversity and climate change discussions in January, the BMHS Rooftop Solar project, and since Spring is just around the corner how about the humble and helpful rain barrels and home composting – remember those?  Add this meeting to your calendar or Join Zoom Directly

At 7:30 to 9 pm Feb 10th Julia Blatt, Executive Director of Massachusetts River Alliance and Sara Arman, community organizer of Green Roots Chelsea we be talking about stormwater management and how our actions affect the health of the Mystic River, how advocacy organizations work to improve environmental policies, how Green Roots Chelsea is advocating for cleaner, healthier communities where the Mystic River reaches the ocean Pre-register:

Friday Feb 11th at 11 am, the First Church Belmont Unitarian Universalist has joined with other faith communities to call attention to the urgency of our climate crisis and to call on citizens and government leaders to take action.  You are invited to join’s the 11th Hour Calling for Climate Justice Friday, February 11, 2022, 10:45 – 11:15 am in front of First Church Belmont UU 404 Concord Ave., Belmont, MA.  More details here.

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We hope you can join us in building a more sustainable Belmont community.