Monthly Meeting 10/7 @7pm: Belmont Light and new SusBel Chair

The Sustainable Belmont monthly zoom meeting is this Thursday(10/7) 7pm-8pm. Belmont Light will present on its Time-of-Use rate pilot program.  The results of this pilot test will provide useful information to the Belmont Light and the Light Board in setting good electric rate policy.  I encourage you to participate.  They are 60% of the way towards their 150 household goal.  Here’s the recording of the last public forum. Also, Belmont Light will comment on its great rating in MCAN’s 2021 MLP ScoreCard.   

Welcome the new Chair of Sustainable Belmont, Dean Hickman. He has lived in Belmont with his family for 6 years, is a life-long advocate for environment and sustainability issues, and presented with Lindsay Levine at last month’s meeting(link to the recording) about their Clean Green Belmont initiative. On 10/7 at 7pm, click here to attend this Sustainable Belmont monthly zoom meeting.