Curbside Composting Meeting

This event was postponed due to Belmont Town Meeting – new date tbd
May 1, 7:00 PM
Belmont Library, Assembly Room

Curbside composting reduces trash significantly more than backyard composting. Composting on a large scale may include meats, bones, dairy, cooked foods, compostable paper products, and more. Cities like San Francisco and Seattle have diverted up to 80% of trash since instituting mandatory curbside composting.

Let’s be realistic—Belmont is not San Francisco, Seattle, or even Cambridge, which has just started citywide curbside composting. Our town is not ready yet to administer a citywide composting program. So, let’s get it ready.

There are already a few curbside composting companies that serve Belmont. Those of us who use them love them and find that they reduce our trash by half and provide us with high grade compost. But these services can cost $3-5 a week, which is too expensive for many households, especially those who might not have a use for compost.

Citizens of other towns in Massachusetts have banded together to get discount rates as low as $.96/week from Black Earth Compost, a North Shore company. In Beverly, participants in this program have worked out a rebate with the town to compensate for the reduction in their trash costs.

Let’s see if we can do the same!

For more info, contact Julie Wu, jwusauk at aol dot com