Can’t go solar? You can still make the switch!

Make the Switch

Remember, you can *always* make the switch. When you consider donations to social causes, consider the switch to clean energy among your choices. By participating in Mass Energy’s “Make the Switch” to clean energy, you purchase renewable energy and send a strong message that Massachusetts households want more renewable energy. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.
Logo for Make the SWITCH; a leaf merges with a power cord
To get started, go to and click “Make the Switch”. When asked to choose a utility, if you are a Belmont resident, select “My utility is none of these”. Because Belmont has a municipal utility, you won’t have your clean energy purchases coupled within your utility bill. Instead, you can offset your estimated monthly electricity consumption – or any amount of your choosing – through Mass Energy’s New England Wind Friends program. From the New England Wind Friends page, select “Click here to sign up” and complete the form to set up a monthly payment.  The site has a feature to help you estimate your monthly payment, which for the average household ranges from $12 to $23.