Thank you Mark Robbins for your recent talk!

Regarding Belmont’s Renewable Energy Policy, a motion to reconsider Article 9 will be heard either Wednesday night at Town Meeting or on Monday’s Town Meeting.

Belmont’s Article 9 is nearly identical to a resolution passed on the south shore this fall by more than 2:1 in favor. It reads: Shall Belmont’s state representative and state senator be instructed to vote in favor of legislation requiring the municipal electric utilities: (1) to adopt the same net metering rates and policies that are applicable to investor-owned electric utilities in the state, and (2) to adopt rates and policies that do not discriminate against, or impose other financial or technical impediments upon customers who seek to generate their own electricity from solar power?

Proponents of the article seek a full discussion and an opportunity for residents to voice their support, in principle, to solar energy, particularly by individuals.

The motion to reconsider Article 9, brought forward by Selectman Williams, is intended to clarify what Town Meeting Members voted on earlier in May. The move to “postpone indefinitely”, contrary to how it was described in the meeting, is in fact a move to dismiss without any future discussion.

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