Stormwater Working Group

The Belmont Stormwater Working Group – a collaborative team of the Belmont Citizens Forum and Sustainable Belmont – is investigating areas suitable for ‘green’ rainwater treatments and applying for funding of such projects You can participate in these efforts, all levels of participation are appreciated, by contacting:

The Belmont Stormwater Working Group will be reviewing options over the coming months and will look for community input. Citizen involvement will allow the town to take best advantage of a recent state grant to fund design studies for Best Management Practice sites (BMPs) in Belmont and Arlington (see BCF September/October newsletter article “Green Infrastructure Grant to Reduce Pollution” by Patrick Herron). Arlington, Belmont, and the Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) received a Green Infrastructure Grant, administered by the EPA, to reduce pollution. As such, this task force is working to identify opportunities to place green stormwater structure–including rain gardens, vegetated swales, and street trees, reduce the non-point source pollution entering local waterways.

The first meeting will be December 5th, 7 PM Board of Selectman’s Room in Town Hall. Patrick Herron will be presenting the project at the first Working Group Meeting in early December. The meeting will be facilitated by Fred Paulsen (Sustainable Belmont) and Anne-Marie Lambert (BCF).