Small-Scale Solar Still in Question

Sustainable Belmont’s Energy Working Group is actively communicating with representatives of the Municipal Light Advisory Board to achieve a solar tariff that will reflect the values and interests of the residents. To date, a resolution has not been reached.

At the recent public hearing on September 18th, Selectman Mark Paolillo expressed a clear desire for the Municipal Light Advisory Board to engage with Sustainable Belmont. All the selectmen expressed their appreciation of the work done on the part of the SB-Energy Working Group. We will continue to keep them informed of progress made.

The recent hearing is available via Belmont Media Center. Review the Sustainable Belmont Energy Working Group’s presentation slides. Great thanks go to Alix, David and Roger for their preparations. Read the extended commentary submitted by members of Sustainable Belmont’s Energy Working Group, which both opposes the proposed changes and offers viable alternatives (this file includes comments submitted by individuals, as well). As always, voice your concerns to your elected officials. Click here for more updates and information.

By August 15th, the Municipal Light Advisory Board closed its initial period for public comments on proposed changes to net metering. Of the 175 comments submitted, 99% were opposed to MLAB’s proposal and in favor of a more fair and balanced approach. Read a primer and recent updates.