Belmont Uplands

The Coalition to Preserve the Belmont Uplands and Winn Brook Neighbrhood, Inc. is a non-profit corporation. More than a dozen Coalition volunteers are supported by hundreds of area residents. They are currently seeking funds for future legal and expert fees related to the permitting process in support of its mission, among other efforts.

At a recent presentation hosted by Sustainable Belmont on April 2, 2014, Anne-Marie Lambert presented a brief history of the Belmont Uplands as well as a Belmont perspective on the risks to wildlife and flooding from development in this area. You can walk with Anne-Marie on one of her educational, family-friendly tours by writing to her at the Belmont Citizens Forum for more information.

Idith Haber of the Coalition presented the history of the Coalition’s efforts to preserve the Uplands, the status of the building permit application, and Belmont’s new stormwater by-law and its applicability to the project.