“For A Common Good” Snow Removal Passes

Pedestrians Cheer…All Winter Long!

All you pedestrians out there who brave the Belmont sidewalks no matter what the weather is doing, no matter how bumpy the pavement is, no matter who has parked over the edge and given you scarcely 3 feet to squeeze you and your grocery bags and your 3 dogs and your 2 kids plus the neighbor’s 2 who have been left to your charge, and no matter how many ewes and privets harass you into the street, you have something to rejoice in – the snow removal bylaw has passed!!! (Belmont Patch article)

[deep breath] Yes.

You will be able to walk down the sidewalk ALL WINTER LONG.
You will still need to use the studded tires and walking sticks, just in case BUT you will NOT be forced into the street. http://i.telegraph.co.uk/telegraph/multimedia/archive/01777/old_1777338c.jpg
You will have the full 3 feet (Article 18, 20.15.2) to tow your goodies and your neighbor’s (if so inclined).
You will be able to continue to REDUCE CARBON EMISSIONS by sauntering down our VALUED SIDEWALKS instead of hopping into your car.

[smile] Yes.

And…because you value these sidewalks

You will thank your neighbor for shoveling (hot chocolate is nice).
And, you just might ‘go the extra mile’ and help that person who has a harder time than you do shoveling that blizzard’s yield.

Spread the Sidewalk Love.

A few details from the passed amendments of article 20, General Bylaws:

  • Residential owners are responsible for removing snow and ice “to the extent practicable down to the sidewalk’s natural surface” within 24 hours of the snow ceasing to fall.
  • Violations “shall be disposed of in the discretion of the Office of Community Development”. Citations issued progressively at $100, $200, $300 for offenders – a non-criminal fine.
  • The “Enforcing Person” “shall mean any police office of the Town, Director of Public Works and any other Town employee designated by the Board of Selectman”. (Article 18, 20.16)
  • The Board of Selectman will adopt rules and regulations to determine hardship exemptions.

And when it gets on the town website, you will see it in full detail here.