Climate Change and Public Health

Climate Change and Public Health
Presentation by Dr. Richard Clapp

October 2nd, 7 – 9 PM at the Belmont Library Assembly Room

Dr. Clapp will describe the major effects of climate change on public health, including the health effects of extreme weather events such as heat waves, the spread of vector-borne diseases, disruption of food supplies, worsened air pollution and respiratory disease, and the stress of population displacement. He will describe the public health impacts of hurricanes Katrina and Sandy as recent examples from the U.S. Finally, he will present some of the policy options at local, regional and national levels that can reduce future public health impacts of climate change.

We will also have the good fortune to receive Dan Ferber as a guest this night. Attendees will be able to purchase his recent book, Changing Planet, Changing Health. Looking forward to a rich discussion!

Download the Poster for Climate Change and Public Health

Special Thanks to Dr. Richard Clapp for his presentation and Author/Journalist, Dan Ferber for his guest appearance!

If you missed the talk, you can see our re-cap here.

Thanks for coming out to the post-presentation “Walk and Talk”!
We look forward to another follow-up event in November.